Short Portrait | Scott Redding

The young MotoGP racer Scott Redding has been riding Storck bikes and using Storck cycling gear since the beginning of 2014. Physical fitness is extremely important when battling for top positions in motorsport as well. Scott acquires this fitness in training on the Storck Aernario G1 race machine and MTB Rebel Nine.


  • Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

    Motorcycle racing is extremely physically strenuous. Maybe it's not as strenuous as a stage on the Tour or Giro but without good stamina and power you don't even have to try.
    Just like a bicycle racer, I've got to keep an eye on my weight as a MotoGP racer. Cycling is simply perfect for this and I've always got my Storck bikes with me. We travel from race to race in a motorhome. Whenever I like a road, we'll make a brief stop and five minutes later I'm sitting on my Aernario G1!

  • What fascinates you about your STORCK equipment?

    Just like my MotoGP bike, my Storck cycling gear and my Storck Bikes feature leading-edge technology. In addition, the bikes are like works of art for me, and Storck exactly suits my taste.

  • What are your major sporting aims for the future?

    I want to become MotoGP world champion!

  • What has been your greatest moment in sports so far?

    In 2008, in my first season, I won the 125cc Grand Prix in England. That made me the youngest ever Grand Prix winner and I'm still holding this record. It was an incredible experience to mount the podium in my home race, to receive the trophy, and to see all the cheering fans, friends, and family who made this success possible in the first place.

  • What was your worst moment in sports?

    I suppose in Australia, in 2013. Before the last three races, I was leading the overall standings when I broke my wrist in qualifying. I immediately realized that the world championship was over for me. That was a tough weekend.

  • Your favorite competition, and why?

    My home races in the UK, especially Silverstone. It's always special to race at home in front of your fans.

  • Your toughest competition, and why?

    For me, the high-speed races are the toughest ones. My bike has a lower top speed than those of the competition. I've got make up in the turns what I lose on the straights. 

  • Your biking tip for hobby athletes?

    Stick with it and enjoy your tours. It's easier when you're having fun.