Short Portrait | Stefan Schlegel

Since 2014, Storck Bicycle has been supporting exceptional athlete Stefan Schlegel. Following his successful participation in the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii in Jahr 2010, the endurance athlete contested the 3000-mile Race Across America in 2012, 2014 and 2016. For the long straights across the USA, he used the Aero2 IS time trial machine and climbed across the Rocky Mountains on the Aernario G1 and Aerfast road machines.


  • Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

    I believe that everybody can achieve anything if they firmly believe in it and truly want it. That means you've got to be willing to overcome obstacles that get in your way. With my projects I want to give people the courage and energy to believe in their own dreams again and to actually make them come true, because in my opinion there's nothing greater than fulfilling your own dreams.

  • What fascinates you about your STORCK equipment?

    For me, Storck is the ultimate dream brand and dream partner.  The bikes not only look beautiful but they also have an unrivaled standard of quality. I can rely on the material 100 % in a competition. I'm a kinesthetic person, which means that for me it's very important how something feels when you touch it. My Storck Aero2 and Aernario G1 bikes simply feel exquisite.

  • What are your major sporting aims for the future?

    To break the German record in the Race Across America and to complete the distance in 9 days.

  • What has been your greatest moment in sports so far?

    Finishing the 2014 Race Across America in 6th place despite my severe crash just 110 km after the start. Having lasted for the remaining 4,700 km and taking 6th place despite the crash was a really special moment for me!

  • What was your worst moment in sports?

    The crash in the same 2014 race. After 110 km on a downhill run I crashed into the guard rails. I was lacking the strength to get up on my own. And despite this I kept riding for ten more days!

  • Your favorite competition, and why?

    My runs in the Race Across America. It takes everything out of you on all levels. This race forms you as a human being and your character in a very special way. It's life, just in a condensed form!

  • Your toughest competition, and why?

    Again, I 've got to name RAAM. Riding 3,000 miles across an entire continent, sleeping only about 1 hour per day. That's tough, I mean really tough. Plus, there are more than 33,000 meterse of cumulative elevation gain. RAAM, no doubt, is the toughest competition I know.

  • Your biking tip for hobby athletes?

    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. The more you're able to enjoy the ride and the surroundings, the easier it is. On my long training tours and even in my competitions I always try to enjoy the ride, the countryside, and the people, and to have a lot of fun in the process.